of loneliness, errands and food

The title may sound a bit familiar. It’s actually based on Francis Bacon’s essay entitled “Of studies”, which was my reading for my ENG21 class. That essay struck me hard, being short yet quite meaty and freaking *insert synonyms of great here*, thus the title. (Hello, Bacon ba naman.) ANYWAY. I won’t dwell on Bacon’s essay, I’ll save it for my critical paper. HAHA

This week was full of…things to do and I apologize for not being able to blog. Based on the title, I’ve been a loner in school lately. (It’s not a big issue UP actually, everybody just minds their own business and respect you for whatever you are doing.) Most of my friends are from ministry, and they’ve been busy too. I don’t have blockmates either, so I don’t have that “barkada” in class. Honestly,I’m much of a snob in class. :( It’s something that I really want to improve on, make friends. HAHA My friends for the past week are: food, my planner, my readings and my phone. 

I ‘m always on a rush every tuesday and thursday because I wouldn’t want to be late in my ENG21 class. So it’s either I bring baon for breakfast, have no breakfast at all OR buy breakfast on my way to class. This time I bought a WAFU stick and coffee, and brought along with me Cafe France’s cheese bread. NOMNOM.

After three straight classes I had to go to Katipunan to do errands for my mom. My one hour and a half break time was cut short. So i just bought peppermint milk tea from Moonleaf! YEY! but boo: I skipped a meal. :(

There was also a day when I was able to actually be with friends. BUT, they had to practice for our org’s event (Thirstday) so I just let them do their thing and I was alone in a corner near them, reading stuff for my next class. #foreveralone

At least I had cool Christian background music while reading! 

Oh, and here’s coffee, he may be one of my closest friends. HAHAHA I really need coffee to wake me up. To others this blend may be useless, but for me it works!

One of the things I love in UP are the kiosks and vendors in askal/CASAA. One morning I decided to eat taho. Extra arnibal is always my request haha! (kahit na BAKA may diabetes ako :|) 

Last thursday, I had to cut class to do more errands. Before I did all those shenanigans, I had lunch in Grilled tomato. 

I ordered…combo 1(?) 

SHORT (amateur) REVIEW: The restaurant offers persian food, one of my all time favorites. I’ve tasted one of the most commendable persian food in… Hassan’s. It’s a humble food resto in katip/ imelda ave. SO tasting Grilled Tomato’s persian food means comparing it to Hassan’s and GT has failed to satisfy my tastebuds. :( The meat was not tasty which is an epic failure on their part because persian food is very tasty, even if it’s just the meat of the chicken or beef. Also, their white sauce (whatever you call it) WAS NOT the “garlicy” sauce that I was expecting and the hot sauce was not spicy. Service was…satisfactory. 

After eating their food I was energized, but not really satisfied.

SO THERE. I end this particular post with a resto review. HAHA! Any thoughts?


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